I guess this is a good place to start?

I am a 21 year old male, currently residing in Singapore.

Great. Now it sounds like a dating profile bio.

Well, I run a wildlife photography and education Instagram account (gimme a follow @sclater.photog!) and I’ve recently realized how a lot of the issues I do want to explore and talk about require a lot more in-depth explanations and should foster more discussion, which probably might not translate well directly on the platform. So, I’ll be using this site for that purpose instead!

That said, this platform allows for much more room to work with, so I’ll definitely be including sources and references, as well as more interesting articles I find for further reading (if you’re into that!).

I do hope that this’ll help in some way or another. I am working on myself and trying to be better – reducing my consumption in general, minimizing waste and trying (very very hard) to cut meat out of my diet. I love meat. It’s difficult to, but I do think that the outcome will be worth it. And I hope this’ll help make the transition smoother for others looking to make that change, too.

Let’s all try together, to lead a better life for wildlife.

Toco Toucan (Ramphastos toco), Taken in Fragile Forest, Singapore Zoo.

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